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Family6 year old Elspeth from Exmouth. Her love of reading and a big appetite for books has been supported by her local library.

Henry from Budleigh: his social interaction and communication skills have been helped by support with reading via his local library.

£10 per month will help buy a children’s book for someone to read and love, helping to inspire the next generation of children like Elspeth and Henry to read and get a fantastic start in life.

91 year old Lynne from Stoke Fleming, who’s almost completely blind. She’s kept entertained by her local library with a weekly supply of audiobooks.

Mary, from Paignton, who’s 93 years old, registered blind and virtually housebound. She’s also entertained with a regular supply of audiobooks from her local library, which has been a lifeline during covid, and helped reduce her isolation.

£20 per month will help buy an audiobook to support people like Lynne and Mary, reducing isolation and improving their quality of life.

Lady with cake
Robbie and Sarah, who’ve both been supported to find work through the Libraries Unlimited Work Club at Bideford Library, having both been out of work for many years. £30 per month can help support a half day of activity at one of our Work Clubs, helping others like Robbie and Sarah to increase their confidence, and get back into work.



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