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The audiobooks from her local library are an important part of 93-year-old Mary Webb’s life.

The audiobooks from her local library in Paignton are an important part of 93-year-old Mary Webb’s life.

Mary is housebound, is registered blind and lives alone. She’s worked her way through many of the library’s audiobooks for many years, with her daughter Pamela collecting them on her behalf.

When lockdown came, despite the library building closing staff continue to select six books a fortnight for Mary and arranged for Pamela to collect them in a socially distanced way.

“Receiving my audiobooks has been a lifeline in lockdown,” said Mary, whose favourites include crime and family sagas. “Otherwise I would have had no other form of entertainment. I can’t see the television and only sometimes listen to the radio, so they are really important to me. They are my own means of escape and I really value this service.”

Mary’s daughter Pamela Thompson said: “My mother has treasured the book deliveries. They’ve really reduced her feelings of isolation. It’s been a tough period for all of us and I am very grateful to the library for their support.”




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