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Lynne, aged 91, gets through ten audiobooks every two weeks

Lynne, aged 91 from Stoke Fleming, is almost completely blind, and gets through ten audiobooks from her local library in Totnes every two weeks. Such was her appetite for new audiobooks that staff at the library realised she’d run through virtually their entire stock.

Rosie, First Assistant at Totnes Library, said: “We knew how important her books were to Lynne so we decided to start reserving titles from other libraries. We then set up an excel spreadsheet showing the types of books she most enjoys, those she’s read and making notes of ones she might like for the future, which we update regularly. We place reservations every week in order to make sure she always has fresh material.”

Lynne Symons said: “I enjoy audiobooks very much – when you cannot see very much there is not much else to do. I really value the service. I do love listening to the medieval crime books – I think I must have nearly read all the ones that you have by now!”

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