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A Statement from Libraries Unlimited re: Topsham Library

Posted on 19 Jun 2021

Topsham Library is operated by Libraries Unlimited, the Devon based charity that runs 54 libraries across the county under contract from Devon County Council and Torbay Council.

Our Topsham base is owned and operated by the Estuary League of Friends, and we have an annual licence agreement with them to run the library from their building.

COVID forced lots of changes on all organisations and we all had to deal with restrictions to keep everyone safe. As we emerge from lockdown rules, we are having to make some further changes, and in Topsham, this includes the hours we are able to open.

Our landlords, the Estuary League of Friends, want to ensure that the space rented to Libraries Unlimited can be used by other groups, and this works best for them with full days being available to hire.

Although we would want to offer access to Topsham Library for local people across 5 days per week, as our pre-COVID opening hours, our hire agreement has been changed to allow us to operate only during 3 days in the week, as well as a half day on Saturday.

We have discussed these changes with staff and will open for our new hours from w/c 21st June 2021. The changes in opening times are highlighted below, but of course we will still be offering the same service through our friendly staff and access to great material in our library space, albeit for slightly less hours.

Our landlords have offered us a 2 year licence agreement, so we will keep talking with them to enable us to continue to use Nancy Potter House now and in the future. We are committed to providing great library services to the people of Topsham and look forward to welcoming everyone back over the coming months.

The changes in days and hours are as follows:


Monday 2-5pm
Tuesday 10am-2pm
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 10am-5pm
Friday 2-5pm
Saturday 10am-1pm
Sunday Closed

New Hours from w/c 21st June 2021

Monday Closed
Tuesday 10am-2.30pm
Wednesday 12pm-4.30pm
Thursday 10am-1pm and 1.30pm-4.30pm
Friday Closed
Saturday 10am-12.30pm
Sunday Closed

Libraries Unlimited is a registered charity (1170092) responsible for running Devon and Torbay Libraries

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