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Fundraising FAQs

You may be wondering why we need public donations, and we hope we have explained why below. If you’d like to know more, then send us a message 

Why are you asking for money when lots of people are already struggling with the cost of living crisis? 

We are really aware that times are difficult for many people right now. Please only give if you feel you can. 

You’re already funded by Devon County Council and Torbay Council – why do you need donations? 

Devon County Council and Torbay Council fund us to provide the basic library service, but so much of our vital work falls outside of this remit. We ask for donations to help fund our work in combatting educational inequalities, supporting skills development and employment opportunities, along with tackling loneliness and isolation. 

I pay council tax – aren’t I already funding my library? 

We do receive funding from Devon County Council and Torbay Council. This currently covers around 85% of our core costs. As our own costs continue to increase the funding gap grows bigger. As budget pressures on councils increase, we are likely to see the statutory funding we receive decrease year on year. We need your donations to help us continue to provide everything we do across all of our sites. 

Will my donation go to my local library? 

We know that many people want to donate to their local library.  Libraries Unlimited is that charity that runs libraries across Devon and Torbay. When you donate to Libraries Unlimited we’d love it if we can use the money towards the running costs of the service overall rather than an individual library. We are then able to allocate funding to address specific needs that arise within libraries. 

You reported a surplus last year (2021-22). Why do you need me to contribute? 

Whilst we reported a surplus this year, we know things won’t remain the same, and are already experiencing the ever-increasing costs.  The cost-of-living crisis, means our services are needed more than ever, at a time when our costs are increasing rapidly. Our communities continue to need our help after the pandemic and we need your support now so we can make more of an impact in the future. 

I don’t use libraries, so why should I contribute to them? Aren’t libraries just books? 

Libraries are no longer just books on a shelf.  They are vital community hubs. Libraries provide a wide and varied range of free services, activities and initiatives that help people in a multitude of ways – from combatting isolation and loneliness, improving literacy, developing employability skills and supporting mental health and wellbeing.  

How will my money be spent? 

Funds donated to Libraries Unlimited help towards the cost of activities such as bounce and rhyme, dementia cafes, coding and lego clubs, work clubs, reading groups and a whole lot more. 

Why should I give to Libraries Unlimited when there are other more needy causes I could support? 

We understand that giving to charity is a very personal choice. We certainly don’t claim to be more in need or have a better cause than other charities. However, we’d love you to know more about what we do and the impact we have, which might help you make a decision. 


Libraries Unlimited believes…

…in the unlimited potential of library services to make a positive difference to people’s lives and communities through a shared love of reading and access to high quality information and facilities.