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Licensing the Secret Book Quest

The Secret Book Quest is available to licence on an annual subscription for your library service. 

Together, we can make a wider contribution to raising educational standards.

The Secret Book Quest is: 

  • Inclusive and accessible: aimed at 5-12 year olds, include all abilities and confidence levels. 
  • Inspiring: it motivates children to read and make it fun for the whole family 
  • Educational: it supports those who are falling behind with their reading at school 

In the 24 months that it’s been running, the Quest has:

  • 7529 children taking part
  • increased new child users by 27%
  • encouraged children, on average, to borrow 3 times as many books as other children.
  • Improved the retention of new children to the library by 15%
  • Improved the retention of existing child users to the library by 26%

Sophie Crofts, Libraries Unlimited Reading Development Manager explains:

“Libraries across Devon and Torbay have instilled a love of books and reading in generations of children. But we know for today’s children, it’s harder. They’re faced with multiple draws on their attention, at the same time as their schooling has been disrupted by the pandemic. Many are falling behind with their reading, with government research revealing a loss of 2.2 months in reading for primary school children, and it’s our mission to help get them back up to speed”

To find out more, contact Rachel Payne, Business Development and Fundraising Manager  

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