Skills development

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Skills development

Why it matters

Around 27% of the UK population have what are regarded as low digital skills – a major barrier to employment.(Office for National Statistics)

Access to skills development and advice is crucial to building a more fair and equal society where anybody can thrive, as well as building the economy. Skills development can reduce unemployment levels, increase productivity and have an enormous impact on someone’s standards of living and life chances.

Libraries provide a wealth of support for people who need a little extra help in accessing technology and the internet, which is now such an integral part of connecting to everything from healthcare and banking, to educating our children.

What we can do about it

People at desk

We address the digital divide

Seven libraries run or host work clubs reducing the barriers to employment and supporting around 600 people into work and training every year.

We encourage businesses

The BIPC offers expert-led courses, workshops and one-to-ones, providing free support to business owners, start-ups, entrepreneurs and inventors.

We provide work hubs and facilities 

We have hot-desking, and a huge range of room hire options across our region, providing opportunities for networking and collaboration.

Libraries Unlimited believes…

…in the unlimited potential of library services to make a positive difference to people’s lives and communities through a shared love of reading and access to high quality information and facilities.