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The Sea Around Us Project

Posted on 30 Jul 2020

Libraries Unlimited is working is partnership with Tidelines on the summer The Sea Around Us project.

Love a good read? Love the sea? Tidelines invites you to take part in an Exe-estuary wide ‘summer read’ of Rachel Carson’s book The Sea Around Us.

The Sea Around Us is a sparkling introduction to the science and poetry of the oceans written in beautifully clear language. A perfect summer read! Rachel Carson who wrote this book in 1951, and is acknowledged as a key inspirational scientist and activist. Tidelines will run events in mid-September, live and online, for you to discuss and share your reflections and questions about the book with other readers, researchers and scientists.

What stands out is how beautiful the writing is. Carson combined a scientist’s ability to see with a novelist’s ability to imagine.” The New Yorker, 2012

Reading it will ensure that you never look at the sea in the same way again.” Billy Mills on The Sea Around Us, 2014

Anyone can take part. The book is available from your local Library in Dawlish, Exmouth and Topsham in paper copy and as an e-book and audio book through Devon LibrariesThe book can also be sent out via Devon Mobile Library Service, contact Exmouth Library to arrange this.

Tidelines have chosen this book for their summer read because it brings together so many strands we are interested in: creativity, imagination and science; the connection of our place here, in the Exe estuary to the wider systems of the spinning earth, and exploring artful ways to communicate complex subjects.

Rachel Carson was a pioneering female activist who, through her writing (in particular her book Silent Spring), inspired generations of people to take action to protect the earth. You can access this book for free via our library service so as many people as possible can take part.  Perhaps you and members of your family or a group of friends could read the book at the same time?

When you have read the book we invite you to share your thoughts by:

Recording a short video clip of any aspect of the estuary in landscape format (without people) while reading a favourite passage from the book for up to one minute. Allow a few seconds silence at the beginning and end of the clip and don’t record your voice if its too windy otherwise we won’t be able to hear you!  You could get a friend to help. Send it to Tidelines at

Coming along to one of Tidelines’ informal discussions on 19th and 20th September (online or in person) to share your reflections with other readers including scientists and researchers.

For more information on how to take part in The Sea Around Us project and other activities available visit  Find Tidelines on social media: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The Sea Around Us is delivered by Tidelines in partnership with Libraries Unlimited, Devon Libraries,  University of Exeter and Wild East Devon.

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