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The Glass Room sheds light on data privacy and misinformation in exhibition at Devon and Torbay Libraries

Posted on 08 Oct 2021

Visitors exploring The Glass Room exhibitionAn award-winning exhibition tackling online misinformation kicks off on 18th October at libraries in Exeter, Barnstaple and Paignton.

The Glass Room Misinformation Edition exhibit explores misinformation in all its forms, from deepfakes to addictive technology design. Visitors are invited to explore the consequences of our increasing reliance on social media and the web for the majority of our information.

According to Ofcom’s annual News Consumption Report, 73% of UK adults use the internet for news, and around half use social media. The Glass Room exposes some of the risks of misinformation online and how they might be avoided.

Colin Bray, Service Development Manager at Libraries Unlimited said: “The Glass Room is an eye-opening exhibition that prompts us to consider our internet health, and how to protect ourselves online. Technology has become so deeply embedded in our lives, and this exhibition examines what impact that has on the information we see, and the implications for our privacy and data.”

He added, “It also provides actionable steps we can take to reduce misinformation and privacy risks, including a digital detox and suggested reading list to learn more. The more we know about these risks, the better placed we are to combat exploitation and stay safe online.”

Exhibits will be presented through a series of posters, animations, visualisations, and apps. Visitors can learn how phones are designed to create addictive behaviours, and discover their psychometric profile using an interactive app.  Entrance is completely free. Visit or to check library opening hours.

The exhibit will remain at Exeter, Barnstaple and Paignton libraries from 18th – 29th October, after which it will visit six more libraries before Christmas. The full tour schedule is as follows:

Monday 18th October – Friday 29th October:

  • Barnstaple Library
  • Exeter Library
  • Paignton Library

Monday 8th November – Friday 19th November:

  • Ivybridge Library
  • Tiverton Library
  • Torquay Library

Monday 29th November – Friday 10th December:

  • Exmouth Library
  • Newton Abbot Library
  • Tavistock Library

The exhibition will coincide with Get Online Week, which raises awareness of those at risk of being digitally excluded. Libraries will also be running events and activities to support people with their digital skills throughout the week of the 18th – 24th October.

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