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The A-Z of Wellbeing

Posted on 07 Jan 2021

The A-Z of Wellbeing

This January, we want to get people thinking about their wellbeing.

This isn’t about making New Year’s resolutions that will only last a week. It’s not about ‘New Year, new you’. It’s not about trying to get you to start yoga, or meditation, or try one of those mindfulness colouring books. All of those things are great, but our personal wellbeing is made up of much more than that. It’s about our work-life balance, about our hobbies, our friends, family and community, giving time to ourselves and time to others, sharing kindness and finding happiness in the small things.

This month, we’ll be choosing a word each day to match up with a letter of the alphabet – from Art to Generosity, Kick-start to Mend, Tea to Wonder – and we’ll be sharing stories, activities and projects for each word. They’ll be videos and music, family activities, community initiatives, things to explore, things to discover and things to get you up and out the door!

So, this January, get creative, get active and spread a little joy with us.

Welcome to the A-Z of Wellbeing.  Click here to find out more.

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