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A statement from Libraries Unlimited

Posted on 09 Dec 2020

As of 7th December 2020, Libraries Unlimited no longer recognises Friends of Appledore Library (FOAL) as a Friends Group of Libraries Unlimited.

How Devon and Torbay Libraries and their Friends Groups work together is stipulated in a Friends Guidance Framework. FOAL were given 21 days written notice asking them to confirm that they would adhere to the Friends Guidance Framework.

The 21 days has now passed without any response or communication from FOAL. We issue this notice as an official statement to confirm that FOAL are no longer recognised as a Friends Group of Libraries Unlimited or Appledore Library. They have been removed from the register of members of Libraries Unlimited with immediate effect.

To avoid any confusion to our customers and the local community, FOAL’s links and affiliation with Libraries Unlimited, Devon Libraries and Appledore Library ceases from this date forward. FOAL have been asked by us to stop using the words “Appledore Library” in their name and, in line with fundraising regulations, the words “Appledore Library” should no longer be used in their fundraising and charitable activities.

Libraries Unlimited is a registered charity (1170092) responsible for running Devon and Torbay Libraries. Libraries Unlimited is registered with the Fundraising Regulator.

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