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Libraries Unlimited Gender Pay Gap as at 5th April 2018

As an organisation with more than 250 employees, we are legally required to comply with the Equality Act 2010 (Specific Duties and Public Authorities) Regulations 2017 and publish Gender Pay Gap (GPG) reporting information on an annual basis.

As at 5th April 2018, we had 468 roles with 400 filled by women and 68 filled by men. The median gender pay gap was 2% and our mean gender pay gap was 11%. As Libraries Unlimited does not have a bonus scheme, the percentage difference between men and women’s bonuses was zero.

These results show an improvement on last year, when the median pay gap was 9% and the mean gender pay gap was 13%. With an 85% female workforce, we have a greater percentage of women throughout all four pay quartiles and fewer men in the bottom and lower quartiles, though there has been a shift with more men in the Lower Middle and Upper Middle quartiles, and less in the Upper and Lower quartiles.

We recognise that although there have been improvements, we can go further to address the gender pay gap at all levels of our organisation in order to better represent the communities that we serve.

We are committed to equality and diversity and to being a fair, open and honest employer, and we will continue to identify ways in which we can minimize the gender pay gap. We want to create greater diversity in our body of staff across the whole organisation. In particular, we will focus on attracting more men to frontline roles. This will create better pay equity and will also help to attract a greater diversity of library users. We are committed to reviewing our current recruitment practices to ensure that we are targeting less well represented groups.

Our full results are:

Upper Middle2295117
Lower Middle1998117
Upper Middle19%81%100%
Lower Middle16%84%100%

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